Typical products

Cheese of the Alps, traditional fish dishes and the famous polenta are only a few of the typical products offered by the gastronomy of Region Insubrica.
Polenta has a long tradition in Ticino and has been a staple food for a significant part of the population for centuries.
Formaggella D.O.P. from Luino
The Formaggella is an excellent D.O.P., typical cheese from Luino.
Association "Terre Alte"
The Consortium Terrealte was formed on November 3, 2003 by a group of Lecco's farmers.
Perledo's Oliv Oil
Olive-growing and olive- oil production are in continuous expansion in the area, especially in Perledo.
Valsassina Cheese
It is natural, when you are on holiday, discover the places through the tastes and flavours of local products.
Birra Poretti
On December 1877, in Valganna, an evocative village close to Induno Olona, the first “cotta” of the Brewery Angelo Poretti was born.
Social Creamery of Cameri
It produces delicious gorgonzola, sweet and hot varieties, taleggio, toma of Piedmont and blue toma, and goat's milk cheese.
Rice - Farm Falasco
Production of black Rice Venere, red rice called Ermes, Vialone Nano variety, Baldo integral rice and other typical varieties of local Novara rices, as the noble Carnaroli.
The "Margheritine", typical biscuit of Lake Maggiore
Are typical biscuits of Stresa, created in 1857 by confectioner Pietro Antonio Bolongaro, owner of the namesake bakery.
Bettelmatt: white gold of Ossola
Cheese made exclusively in Bettelmatt, Kastel, Vannino, Sangiatto, Poiala, Forno and Toggia pastures, in the heart of the Ossola.
Discover this variation of the typical Ticino cheese!
The renowned asparagus of Cantello
They are also produced in Clivio, Viggiù and Arcisate which belong to the district of Varese.
Lariano d’alpeggio
Lariano d’alpeggio is a semi-hard cheese with sometimes many or sometimes fewer tiny holes, depending on the milk enzymes typical of each valley.
Once a poor man’s dish, a food stock for Winter or periods of famine, today missoltino is in great demand. It is allis shad, cleaned and dried in salt for several days.