Wine and wine producers

The Merlot of Ticino, the Nebbiolo for aging (Boca, Fara, Ghemme, Sizzano), the red wines from the Novara's hills (Barbera, Bonarda, Croatina, Rosso, Spanna, Vespolina) and the white wines are just a few example of the rich wine products' offer of Region Insubrica.
Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo
Is situadet in Ghemme, in an area where the fine wine is produced.
Grappa d'Angera
Rossi d’Angera have been producing grappas and liqueurs in Angera, on the shores of Maggiore Lake for over 160 years.
Fattoria Moncucchetto
Since the 12th century the hill of Moncucchetto, located at 400 meters above sea level, is dedicated to wine production.
Cascina Ronchetto di Morazzone
The Farm Ronchetto formed recently, is situated on the green hills of Morazzone.
Luigi Francoli Distillery
Many varieties of grappa: single variety with white berries, single-varietal red grapes, The Barriques, The Riserve, Le Grand Cru, Sorsi di Luce and the Decanters.
Cantina Sociale Mendrisio
The Cantina Sociale was set up in 1949 and is the only wine cooperative in the Canton. It counts around 350 producers.
Tenuta Tovaglieri
Tenuta Tovaglieri covers a sunny hillside along Ticino River, south of Lake Maggiore, and the main activity of the farm is the growing of vineyard and the wine production.
I Vini di Montevecchia
Anyone who goes on the paths along the terraces cultivated with medicinal herbs can notice the unmistakable presence of vineyards in a perfect harmony of space and color.
Prunent, the DOC Ossolano produced by Cantine Garrone
Cantina Garrone collect the best grapes from sixty growers, small and very small, members of the Association of Ossola Agricultural Producers.
Consorzio IGT Terre Lariane
The Consortium IGT terre Lariane was founded i 2008 by seven local wine producers in the area of Lake Como.