Paradise for families

2 Days - For families
Many families spend their holidays in Ticino.
It is full of trails and themed routes that have been specially created for children and teenagers to follow with their parents. There is also a huge range of other options for families in Ticino, including special packages for people with children, recreation in the natural environment, sport, parks, games and much more besides. We hope that your whole family has a great time!

2 Days
Nature and outdoor activities
For families
By car
On foot
By train
By Bike
A trip to Swissminiatur
See all of Switzerland in one hour.
This permanent, open-air display stands in large grounds next to Lake Lugano. It contains miniature versions of all of the most distinctive sites in Switzerland.

Useful Information:
Entrance: CHF 19.00 (approximately €18.00) for adults and CHF 12.00 (approximately €11.00) for children aged 6 to 15
Opening hours: open all year round (with reduced opening hours in the winter)

Estimated time of visiting: 1hr and 30min
Transfer: take the train to Melide, then continue on foot for 5min
An excursion on Monte Generoso
A day of wildlife and fun.
Monte Generoso is the mountain with the most panoramic views in the Canton of Ticino. From the top it is possible to look out over the lakes (Lugano, Como, Varese and Maggiore), the city of Lugano, the Po Valley, Milan and all the way from the Apennines to the Alps, taking in Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau, the St. Gotthard Massif and the Bernina Range.

Useful Information:
Access is provided by the only “traditional Swiss” tourist train on a mountain rack railway south of the Alps. It starts at Capolago (at 274 metres above sea level) and travels through the unspoilt natural environment for 40 minutes before reaching the summit at 1,704 metres above sea level.
From spring 2017 it will be possible to have lunch in the new restaurant "Fiore di pietra".

Estimated time of visiting: at least 4hr
Transfer: take the train to Capolago. A large car park is also available near the departure station for the train
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A trip to the new Splash & Spa water park
Plunge into an oasis of wellbeing.
Splash & Spa Tamaro is an innovative, unique new tourist attraction. It is the first recreation and wellbeing water park with a surface area of over 10,000 square metres to provide aquatic play facilities, a spa and wellness treatments in a single establishment. There is a huge range of attractions to cater to all of the needs of families, adults, teenagers and children.

Useful Information:
Splash & Spa Tamaro contains more than 7,000 square metres of play areas and 3,000 square metres of spa facilities in its three separate but interlinked domes, where fun and wellbeing always come first.

Estimated time of visiting: at least 3 to 4hr
Transfer: take the train to Rivera station, then proceed on foot for approximately five minutes to the entrance of the establishment. If travelling by car, leave the motorway at Rivera and after five minutes you will come to the large car park alongside the Splash & Spa.
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A trip to Cardada
A place for skiing in the winter and sunbathing in the summer.
There is a viewing point above Locarno that is easy to reach and allows you to see the lowest point in Switzerland (the delta of the River Maggia in Ascona) and the highest point (Monte Rosa) at the same time. This natural haven of calm has an unforgettable 360° panorama of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding valleys. It is also the starting point for a large number of walking routes that are suitable for all ages.

Useful information:
For sporty guests we can offer a short foot reflexology route, a foot orienteering route, a mountain biking circuit and official Helsana Nordic walking trails

Estimated time of visiting: 3hr
Transfer: take the funicular railway from Locarno station to Orselina. The modern cable car will then take you from Orselina to Cardada (1,340 metres above sea level) in a few minutes and from there you can take the chairlift to Cimetta (1,670 metres above sea level)
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Falconeria Locarno
Live an exciting experience in the world of birds of prey, take a close look at the flight of eagles, hawks, owls and vultures in an environment respectful of the animals. Experience a close encounter with majestic birds of prey at the Falconry in Locarno, where you will have the possibility to observe and photograph eagles, Hawks, owls and vultures. These beautiful birds flying free, will lead you into a dimension where man and nature meet.

Useful Information:
From March to November the parc is open from Tuesday to Sunday and during the winter season from Wednesday to Sunday

Estimated time of visiting: 1hr and 30min

Transfer: from the train station of Locarno, take the bus number 311 until the bus stop Palazzetto FEVI (10 minutes’ walk), otherwise at the Locarno Case Popolari bus stop (3 minutes walks). The Falconeria is around 20 minutes from the train station of Locarno
Relax at Lido Locarno
The ideal place to take it easy.
The lido in Locarno was opened in November 2009. It stands against the marvellous backdrop of Lake Maggiore and it is a water-based hub of relaxation, sport and wellbeing. The new lido is open all year round, in any weather conditions. It is the best equipped and most modern bathing establishment in Ticino, with many indoor and outdoor pools, including an Olympic-size pool, a thermal spa pool and a play pool with water games, as well as four fantastic slides.

Useful information:
7 pools, relaxing thermal spa pool directly accessible from inside all year round, whirlpool loungers, bubbles and more besides.
The four slides cater to all tastes, inspired by the rivers that flow into the lake, unprecedented excitement with their hair-raising, twisting or winding descents, not to mention the thrills of the first “looping” slide in Switzerland.
Entrance: adults from CHF 13.00 (approximately €12.00) and children from CHF 7.00 (approximately €6.00)

Estimated time of visiting: 2 to 3 hr
Transfer: it takes approximately 10 to 15min to walk from Locarno. People travelling by car can park along Via Respini. The number 2 bus stops 10 metres away
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